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Why I am proud to be a Socialbaker

Published: October 15, 2013

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We started Socialbakers 5 years ago, and I am extremely proud to report that with over 200 people, an extremely strong both product & development, and client & operations teams, we are entering a new chapter in the companies history. BusinessInsider reported us as one of the TOP 25 hottest ad-tech companies to IPO, and even though that for now an IPO might be thinking far, we are playing with those thoughts..

If you want to catch up on us, make sure to read the article: “This week, Socialbakers is upping its game” – and we did up our game, oh yes we did!

I believe in the long run, we are the right partner for brands, because of the several aspects and philosophies that make Socialbakers a company that helps clients the best in the long run. Why?

  • Our teams care most about data integrity – we have a bigger team focused on data integrity than many of our competitors have developing the entire product, our long-term
  • Our clients are everything, we have support 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, in 5 languages, we have dedicated local managers, offices in 11 countries, and people in 14 countries.
  • We are a new generation company, we are not born 10 or 20 years ago and don’t carry the baggage of a huge company that cant change direction when clients request us to.
  • Because we are an agile company, we quickly change our platform and adapt to fast moving changes in the social media world – for example we were the first company to reflect Facebook’s local fan count, something many competitors didn’t follow up to this point, as its quite heavy and hard to do
  • We always try to find new metrics and insights, giving our clients great information value so they can do what they need to do best – driving social media forward
  • We are a big data company, we are already dealing with deployment of hundreds and hundreds of servers, running databases like Hadoop, etc.
  • We are a transparent company, when we make a mistake, we are not worried to apologize for this
  • We are improving our data expertise with every iteration, for example if a social network delays a particular data feed or changes the way they count something, we now  alert you right under the chart when that change was affected

And also, on a more personal level, we have people that really care about the Socialbakers. Developers that stay late sometime for 2 months (even don’t take weekends), designers that put everything into it to build beautiful videos, generally people that do everything for hitting deadlines, great marketers that try to bring you the latest reports and infographics, our local teams and client teams – that run around crazy trying to make their clients happy – and give feedback into the products so we can get better again and again, and of course the support teams sitting there in the evening responding and dedicated to our clients. Sometimes, we don’t say it enough: Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! Its soo appreciated, and I see every moment of it.

I heard this interesting thing from one client the other day: I know one of your competitor has one extra feature, but you are the team I am betting on to have all of these things in the long term. We will do our best to live up to that reputation.

I would like to thank clients, my fellow bakers, and everyone that is helping us making this a success!

At ENGAGE 2013 in New York on November 21st, we will present 5 quite big company updates, big steps forward that are quite huge and incomparable to ones we have launched before. I hope you will enjoy them, sit tight, and don’t forget to measure, its essential to success in social media.

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