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Where is media going? Everything will be digital, and everything digital will be social

Published: October 3, 2013


If you haven’t seen Kevin Spacey’s speech on YouTube (see below), you definitely should. Its an example of what I would call the future of media. To summarize it for you, he says that for their show “House of Cards”, they didn’t want to create a pilot and release all the characters in the first show, but wanted to give it to the audience through a larger show. After failing to offer it to the traditional entertainment companies, they went to Netflix and Netflix distributed the show. They also chose to offer all the content at once to leave everything in the customers hands, where he states that there is a shift to on-demand, he calls it listening to the customer. 


This has deeper implications though than just TV shows. Much deeper. Let me widen this picture for you. In the age where print is becoming a luxury, radio is becoming a car-only use-case, and the entire TV is becoming digital and on-demand, there will be no other channel than digital. We now probably all believe that all of media is going to be digital, and by how I define digital I really mean interactive (with input and change possibility, not an ongoing show). Thats pretty obvious, and already this is reflected in media budgets in spend of many countries.

Clearly, there is also the time spent aspect. If you look at the eMarketer study from 2010 – 2013, Digital has taken a leap forward, and I think if you added the 13 – 18 segment, it would be significantly  less on TV.

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I might be an extreme example, I might also be just a sample of the majority to come, but let me tell you what media I consume:

  • Computer (Digital) – primary channel for me (and it will never be mobile)
  • Mobile and Tablet (Digital) – primarily for communication use-cases, I talk about 2 – 3 hours a day on the phone (FYI: Use the Bose bluetooth headset), I use mobile “passively” about another 1 hour per day
  • TV – no TV whatsoever (only TV shows and some movies on the computer or YouTube – again, Digital)
  • Little bit of Radio – only in the car (once self-driving cars come, this use-cases is fully digital)
  • Print – I only read a magazine or newspaper 3 – 5x a month, never buy one, and in all cases on the plane

Now that we have established that every medium is probably going to be digital, lets look at social media.

If you look at finding friends, Facebook is the right place. But also I use Facebook to discover for example places instead of Google. (Almost) everything is better with a social layer! And thats why from my perspective, all digital is going to be social.

What do you guys think? I added comments to my blog below, so you can drop me a note!

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