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Twitter’s smart ad strategy is paying off

Published: July 29, 2014


Twitter really started pushing itself. 2 quarters ago we did not know it has many ad formats, but with the launch of very smart Twitter cards, link cards, app installs, lead generation cards, opt-in cards, and the preparation even of things such as the buy button, Twitter seems to be innovating its advertising efforts at a very decent speed.

I think we will really see this effect on Twitter in a couple of the following quarters, but as a site with so much people, its certainly under-monetizing its user-base, which is something they are obviously working hard on fixing.  Twitters strategy here is a good one, replicate the interesting things from Facebook and Google so you don’t have to repeat those learnings with a bit of a Twitter spin.

The quarterly results (Q2) clearly show this, they made almost $ 100 mil. per month in Q2 2014 on Ads, an amazing result, proving the fact that they can monetize on this.

Also Twitter’s World Cup experience is an example of how important the social network has become in expanding real-time conversations around events. Twitter has been known as a network that facilitates connections among consumers, but its World Cup experience proves that it’s a strong content provider as well. I expect Twitter to thrive by continuing to provide digital experiences that synchronize with real-world events.

Well done Twitter, well done.

Also, side note: Anyone feel Twitter is not growing Monthly Active Users?

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