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Exclusive: Socialbakers mobile events app for ENGAGE now live!

Published: April 29, 2014

(Updated May 2014 – how it was created) Socialbakers is once again making history – this time around events. For our ENGAGE 2014 conference tomorrow in London. Today we have launched an exclusive application for this event called Socialbakers Events. Already launched on Apple Store, and on Android Market. Its oriented both at people who come to the event, and both to people that stream it online on YouTube. Streaming is available straight from the app!

So if you are a social marketer -> Download it now on Appstore, Download it now on Android Market. The social functionalities are going to be launched tomorrow morning. Wish us luck for Engage, and of course, watch online! (Watch the entire ENGAGE show on YouTube)

We are inviting other event organizers to contact us and use the app for their events.

UPDATE May 2014 – ENGAGE was a great show, it generated over 5000 tweets partly because of the apps and the live stream apps. Funny story about the app, we actually had the quick idea about 40 days ago. In San Francisco, I sketched it over on paper (bottom left), the design got created, and both apps were live in a stunning 24 hours before the event – thanks especially to Apple for pushing this through and getting it live.

Now we could have used other bespoke things available on the market, but they would have been an easy event CMS, and would have never been natively social as we needed it to be, built with sharing and tweeting in the center – which our app truly does.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.39.45

A few more screens:

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 11.18.15




ENGAGE 2014 in London coming in 30 days (April 30th)!

Published: April 1, 2014

We started Engage back in October 2012 with our first event in New York City. I remember it like it was yesterday, because we signed our Series B of fund-raising with Index Ventures on the back of my co-founder Lukas Maixner just before going up on stage. We had about 170 people on the first Engage, and I think it was really a cool first kick-off event, we had people fly from over 20 countries, something that was quite unique.

At that time, we chose ENGAGE to be a semi-annual event – and did one in 6 months in London. Engage 2013 London was an amazing show, we had well over 350 people, truly amazing speakers. Next one was 6 months ago in New York City, where we almost passed 400 people, in both London and New York City we reached the regional trending topic, thousands of tweets were sent out, and thousands also watched online. So far, we had great speakers on Engage from Facebook, Google, Twitter, KLM, Nestlé, Vodafone, Microsoft, Volaris, Ogilvy, Danone, Adobe, Orange & T-Mobile, Altimeter, Havas, American Airlines, Intel, Pernod Ricard, Telstra, Woolworths, Appliances Online, and many others.

Engage 2014 on April 30th 2014 in London will take Engage to the next level, we have an amazing line-up of speakers, we have exclusive content prepared for you guys ourselves (we’ll keep that a secret) in an amazing new venue.

We have made ENGAGE into the most practical social media event in the world, where the best social and digital marketers share their experiences in social. Its not one of those events where you will see only shining keynotes (except mine? :)), but marketers truly sharing best practices, how-to’s, and I would be bold in calling it not only one of the biggest social media shows in the world, but certainly the most practical one.

Its not a conference with booths – it focuses on the program. Its not a conference with 3 parallel programmed sessions – it is one focused line of content around how to help marketers do what they need to the best thing – Engage, Analyze, and Promote => meaning how to create the best content, how to measure you did a good job, and how to promote it to the audience in the best way possible.

See you all at ENGAGE!


Socialbakers building new global HQ in Prague (Updated)

Published: March 28, 2014

(Updated) Having 13 offices (big ones: Prague, Pilsen, regional HQs: London, New York, Mexico City, Singapore, Split & local hubs: Dubai, Istanbul, San Francisco, Munich, Paris, Sao Paulo) in 11 countries is not an easy thing, and makes managing Socialbakers internationally quite a big project. Locally in Prague, we grew from 2 apartments in the center of Prague to two 2 lovely Prague villas. Recently, we are slowly running out of space. So last month, we have closed a deal to get into new offices in Prague in Prague Karlin. The building is ready from the outside. From the inside, it will need a lot of work.

We are now almost 175 in Prague alone (around 300 total), and we will soon be 200. Its only fitting that we get ourselves a nice new office.

I will use this article to slowly update on progress where we are. We hope to move in on the 1st of September (originally thought earlier), so lets see! I will update this article as we go!


April 2015 – After starting building in September 2014 and planning from March 2014 to September 2014, we finished the offices. You can find the final pictures over on Officelovin (see more here), here are some of them.

May 2014 – Here is an update. Few weeks later, we have a full floor plan and we have got the first visuals. Of course, there is no decoration, no light, no color – that will be added over the following weeks. Its just a visualization of the lay-out and where we are. The top 2 pictures are entrance floors. The last picture is the interior of the office itself. Lets see where we move over the next 10 days, and get to a more decorated environment.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 16.12.38 Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 16.12.43 Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 16.12.51

April 2014 –  At the end of the day, we are taking 2 floors + 2 small floors which will connect with a short air bridge. Total space is about 4000 sq.m., where it seems that for now, we can fit. It seems like a lot of space, but we are building space for almost 200 people, possibly over 200 people (and every day, we have many international visitors).

The first proper floor plan was completed last week together with a few style guides that I will share once the final comes in. Its still going to be a long ride, I hope we will really be able to open by September, worst case October. I might get less optimistic about that over time, or more. Lets see!

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 14.31.30


March 2014 – empty office, no floors, no ceilings. We are at the beginning, the building is finishing up.

This is the address:

View Larger Map

Why I am proud to be a Socialbaker

Published: October 15, 2013

We started Socialbakers 5 years ago, and I am extremely proud to report that with over 200 people, an extremely strong both product & development, and client & operations teams, we are entering a new chapter in the companies history. BusinessInsider reported us as one of the TOP 25 hottest ad-tech companies to IPO, and even though that for now an IPO might be thinking far, we are playing with those thoughts..

If you want to catch up on us, make sure to read the article: “This week, Socialbakers is upping its game” – and we did up our game, oh yes we did!

I believe in the long run, we are the right partner for brands, because of the several aspects and philosophies that make Socialbakers a company that helps clients the best in the long run. Why?

  • Our teams care most about data integrity – we have a bigger team focused on data integrity than many of our competitors have developing the entire product, our long-term
  • Our clients are everything, we have support 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, in 5 languages, we have dedicated local managers, offices in 11 countries, and people in 14 countries.
  • We are a new generation company, we are not born 10 or 20 years ago and don’t carry the baggage of a huge company that cant change direction when clients request us to.
  • Because we are an agile company, we quickly change our platform and adapt to fast moving changes in the social media world – for example we were the first company to reflect Facebook’s local fan count, something many competitors didn’t follow up to this point, as its quite heavy and hard to do
  • We always try to find new metrics and insights, giving our clients great information value so they can do what they need to do best – driving social media forward
  • We are a big data company, we are already dealing with deployment of hundreds and hundreds of servers, running databases like Hadoop, etc.
  • We are a transparent company, when we make a mistake, we are not worried to apologize for this
  • We are improving our data expertise with every iteration, for example if a social network delays a particular data feed or changes the way they count something, we now  alert you right under the chart when that change was affected

And also, on a more personal level, we have people that really care about the Socialbakers. Developers that stay late sometime for 2 months (even don’t take weekends), designers that put everything into it to build beautiful videos, generally people that do everything for hitting deadlines, great marketers that try to bring you the latest reports and infographics, our local teams and client teams – that run around crazy trying to make their clients happy – and give feedback into the products so we can get better again and again, and of course the support teams sitting there in the evening responding and dedicated to our clients. Sometimes, we don’t say it enough: Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! Its soo appreciated, and I see every moment of it.

I heard this interesting thing from one client the other day: I know one of your competitor has one extra feature, but you are the team I am betting on to have all of these things in the long term. We will do our best to live up to that reputation.

I would like to thank clients, my fellow bakers, and everyone that is helping us making this a success!

At ENGAGE 2013 in New York on November 21st, we will present 5 quite big company updates, big steps forward that are quite huge and incomparable to ones we have launched before. I hope you will enjoy them, sit tight, and don’t forget to measure, its essential to success in social media.

This week, Socialbakers is upping its game…

Published: September 23, 2013

We have spent the last 5 years building Socialbakers, and this week, we are seriously upping our game. Looking at some of our milestones and achievements, this is where we are with Socialbakers:

  • We are the largest social analytics company – 1 800+ clients, half of the Global Fortune 500 use us, none of our competitors have greater coverage
  • We have one of the strongest teams in this space – although officially we still haven’t updated the number of employees from 190, today we are well over 200 people, almost half in product & engineering
  • We are becoming a more global & local player every day – We are a global leader, but yet have: 13 offices in 11 countries for now, clients in 99 countries (yes, the team confirmed its really 99 countries), and more local marketing, data, and benchmarks, that you can ever imagine.
  • …for more points, read below in the article (*), as I want to get to the point:

This week, we are taking our platform to a whole new level – we are launching Ad Analytics. You have heard a hundred times social media is about content – yes! This is pretty much clear to everyone now, and thats why Analytics is also so successful – people look at who is publishing what from their competitors and what works. Also, we are seeing a huge trend and shift into paid media, particularly around newsfeed ads, and our data shows its primarily about advertising in the newsfeed. 

Don’t only think of our launch this week as an extension of Analytics Pro into optimization of paid social content, but also as being the technology to measure and manage your social spend in the best way possible. And of course it’s Socialbakers, which always means very analytical way of managing things! This means Socialbakers is now also in the business of being an advertising analytics technology, which is a big jump for us. All the current social management platforms out there are built around the “right hand side ads” (marketplace ads). We had a chance to start fresh, and we have worked hard to build a next generation social ads platform around content and targeting. And this week is the week when we officially launch it.

We are seeing that social media teams job today is the one not only to run the posting, but to run the budgets for the content and boosting posts. They can’t be calling someone else every few hours, its the same people that post the content that should promote it (or people very close to each other). A lot of the brands today already boost posts, they decide which content piece to promote, and just promote it with very basic targeting.

And this is exactly where Socialbakers comes in with Ad Analytics:

  • Our tool is there to help you do more advanced things much faster than you can do on Facebook – 5 clicks to boost, stop and start advertising any content.
  • Its your helping hand so you don’t have to create 10 ads to target to 10 groups, and then measure them separately.
  • It helps you visualize everything you are doing in real-time, from Facebook Insights, engagement, to ad data.
  • You can manage ad spend for an entire page, and see exactly how you spent and where.
  • It will help you find the right audience to target to and optimize that over time.

Just Facebook? More platforms are clearly coming (tba), as it’s important to manage ads on all key social networks. Paid is just not part of Facebook, or not just an addition to organic, its a key part of every company that is serious about social advertising. The fact that a majority of all Facebook advertising is now newsfeed is the biggest one of all. Its all about the content and how and to whom you target your message.

This is a big move for us, I want you to know how big this is for us, and we will be doing it our everything to make this right. Its a bold statement, but I really believe in 2014, Socialbakers will be the biggest global player also in the social advertising technology space.

—The end—

Update: Check out these stats on paid media on Facebook and newsfeed taking over:

Update 2: Socialbakers Ad Analytics is now launched!! Check it out!

P.S.: There are a few more updates:

On top of the huge Ad Analytics launch, we have some cool updates:

  • Socialbakers has relaunched Socialbakers Builder (see video, Our publishing tool, very analytically focused)
  • Socialbakers Listening (see screenshot, more like “buzz analytics”),
  • Socialbakers Analytics is getting Vkontakte Analytics (Russia’s #1 social network) in 2 weeks – I am actually running a working version!
  • + Huge upgrades coming first week in October

Socialbakers has a constant commitment to invest into our product, and we will keep investing.

(*) A few more Socialbakers milestones as promised: 

  • We are more than just analytics – We are more than analytics, as analytics is about optimization, and we are becoming more and more every day, testing new ways and methods of social measurement.
  • 800 000 marketers visit our site, and in September, it will likely be above 1 million… And these great users of ours help us also make our ranking a lot better by helping us suggest what is what in social media, allowing us to do the best benchmarking possible.
  • We are the global leader in metrics – We have been the first ones to define “Engagement Rate” for content engagement, or “Response Rate” for customer care metrics, and many more.
  • We are extremely agile – When platforms launch changes, we immediately reflect them – we are a partner thats here to stay for years to come, we already have a market position to get through it. And in the end, its about features, but also about the team and company that can keep shipping new updates, upgrades, and someone you can trust to execute both globally and locally.

The new Socialbakers listening (I bet this ugly unrepresentative screenshot using my phone will get our design team to send a nice promo one in like 10 minutes – but you guys get the point):

2013-09-23 00.18.43