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List of top Czech technology companies and start-ups (Updated)

Published: July 30, 2013

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Following my article Prague beats Berlin with its tech scene, could challenge London in the future!, I decided to follow the Czech tech a little more. Few weeks ago I was browsing the internet trying to find a list of the top Czech technology companies and start-ups, and it was really hard to find anything good. Either there were lists where startups with 2 people and 200 people would be combined, and it was hard to separate these companies from each other. I decided to use a method of crowd-sourcing and put a bigger list together so international investors, people, and companies could see.

I decided to make 3 lists:

  1. List of established companies – anything from growth stage, IPO or Exited companies, with an approximate value of over $5MM
  2. List of international investors in Czech Republic – list of global investors that have actively invested in at least one Czech tech. company
  3. List of early stage companies – definitely not a full list of early stage companies

One note, this list is not to be made to discuss each part. Yes, a few of the companies below might be in this list and are slightly below. Please lets not discuss this. If you disagree, tweet me @janrezab and I am happy to be open to change my mind and optimize this list.

Czechs (and Slovakia) are the masters of Enterprise Software, Security, and Gaming. Some of these companies are over 10 years old and are quite huge, definitely worth a few billion (AVG alone is worth $1,2B, Avast is similar), so if you consider the rest of the scene is at least $1 – 2B of size all together, we have a $4B market. Yeah, thats a very heavy “guestimate”, but at least 65% accurate (its $3B for sure).

Most established companies – Growth Stage, IPO, Exited (~$25MM+ valuation)

  • Enterprise Software
    • Moravia IT (1990, Translation Software)
    • Y Soft Corporation (2000, Printing solution)
    • GoodData (2007, BI)
    • Socialbakers (2008, Social Marketing Software)
  • Security
    • AVAST (1988 !, Antivirus)
    • AVG (1991, Antivirus, IPO)
    • ESET (1992, Antivirus, OK, its Slovakian, come on :). Lots of these startups are co-founded by Slovaks!)
    • Kerio (1997, Security, firewalls)
  • Online and mobile
    • Slevomat Group (2010, Group buying)
    • Tapmates (2010, had equity for example in Yahoo acquired Summly, Piictu, Klip)
    • Skypicker (2012, Travel)

Established companies – Venture Stage (~$5MM+ valuation)

  • Enterprise Software
    • ZOOM International (1999, Telephony & contact centers)
    • Compelson Labs – MobilEdit (2001, Mobile)
    • Icewarp (2001, Emails)
    • Netdirect (2001, CMS) – acquired by Allegro Group
    • SuperNetwork (2004, Hosting)
    • Kentico (2004, CMS)
    • eMClient (2006, Enterprise email)
    • Webnode (2008, CMS)
    • M.Dot App (2011, Software) – acquired by Godaddy in Feb, 2013
    • Apiary.io (2011, API)
    • AngelCam – ex Click2stream (2011, Video streaming Just got into 500 startups)
    • Brand Embassy (2011, Social customer service software)
    • Futurelytics (2012, Predictive analytics)
    • Liftago (May 2014 – Just invested by Karel Janecek)
  • Security
    • Safetica Technologies (2000, Security)
    • Invea-Tech (2007, Security)
    • Cognitive Security (2011, Security) – acquired by Cisco in Feb, 2013
  • Gaming
    • 2K Czech (1997, PC, formerly Illusion Softworks, developers of games like Mafia, Hidden & Dangerous, and Vietcong) – acquired by Take 2 Interactive)
    • Bohemia Interactive (1999, PC)
    • Amanita Design (2003, Mobile, Machinarium game)
    • Geewa (2005, Online)
    • Craneballs (2008, Mobile, Overkill)
    • Madfinger Games (2010, Mobile, Shadowgun, Dead Trigger)
    • Warhorse Studios (2011, Computer Games, raised almost $2M on Kickstarter)
  • Online and Mobile
    • Pixmac (2007, Stock photos) – acquired by Pond5 in Mar, 2013
    • Shipito (2007, Ecommerce)
    • Netdevelo/Shopsys (2007, Eocmmerce)
    • Shoptet (2008, Ecommerce CMS)
    • Bigbrands (2009, Ecommerce B2C)
  • Other
    • CDN77 (2011, Cloud CDN)
  • Notable Czech Only disruptive start-ups
    • Seznam.cz – the Czech Yahoo / Yandex
    • Centrum Holdings – acquired by Warburg Pincus, sold one more time this year
    • Aukro.cz (Owned by Allegro, Naspers)
    • Heureka.cz – acquired by Allegro Group
    • Fler.cz
    • AAApoptavka.cz – acquired by MAFRA
    • Mall.cz – acquired by Allegro
    • Alza.cz
    • ePojisteni.cz
    • Damejidlo.cz – Food delivery service
    • Rohlik.cz – Food delivery service

International investors active in Czech Republic

Most of these investors are single-investors only so far, we could say they are fishing in Czech Republic and picking the best. But I think they could start being more active.

  • Index Ventures – Socialbakers
  • Earlybird Ventures – Socialbakers
  • Fidelity Growth Partners – GoodData
  • Andreessen Horowitz – GoodData
  • General Catalyst – GoodData
  • TA Associates – AVG
  • Intel Capital – AVG, Mall.cz
  • Warburg Pincus – Centrum Holdings
  • Summit Partners – Avast

Czech agency-investors and agency-incubators
Kind of a hybrid between investors and big value-add companies. They help you do the designs/UI, or help with functionality, but they are definitely all-hands, almost at an incubator level.

  • Etnetera
  • 2Fresh
  • Tapmates
  • Abdoc
  • Cleevio
  • Strv

Seed to Early Stage Companies (1 man shows up to full companies before Series A)

Yes, this is certainly not a full list. The only condition on this list that I tried to respect that the project is run already “fulltime” by its team.

  • Possibly late Early stage (soon on the top list)
    • Glogster
    • 360Cities
    • BuddyBet (3MM round, unclear from who)
    • Comprimato
    • CostLocker
    • Wips (by Cleevio)
  • Mobile apps
    • Abdoc
    • Spendee App by Cleevio (100k users)
    • Big Launcher
    • Dictionary9
    • RemoteAssistant.me
    • InstaShare
    • Uptaxi
  • Online
    • MySchoolNotebook.com by Flowmedia
    • NextStories
    • SportCentral
    • Flow Reader by Wikidi
  • Games
    • Sillicon Jelly
  • Social Enterprise Software
    • PostHeads by Bubble
    • Zoomsphere by Micromedia
  • Software
    • Keboola (Data agency)
    • Survio (Survey software)
    • Gina Software (Geo information)
    • Open Brand (Brand platform)
    • Nicereply (Support tracking)
    • Molo7 (Fashion)
    • Designeros (Design network)
    • Tripomatic (Trip planner)
    • Lingvus (Translation SaaS!)
    • Phonecopy.com (Phone copier)
    • Leady.cz (Online leads management)
    • Take-Place.com (Event management)
    • Comprimato (Imaging software)
    • Testomato by Wikidi
    • Daty
  • Hardware combined
    • Energomonitor.cz
  • Local eCommerce
    • Bonami
    • Twisto.cz
    • Bileto.cz
    • StoryoUs
    • Skrz.cz
    • Ordr (by Strv)

Startups from Slovakia

  • Bigger Slovakian startups
    • Piano Media
    • Pixel Federation
    • Synopsi.tv
    • Sygic (GPS navigation) – wow, really great company
    • Innovatrics
    • QualityUnit
    • Visicom
    • Cauldron
  • Starting Slovakian startups

    • Prizeo
    • Nicereply
    • Meevl.com
    • Relbit.com
    • Trashout.me
    • Finviz
    • Resco.net
    • Vezma
    • Taphome
    • CoverPageApp
    • Sli.do
    • Datamolino.com
    • Inhiro.com
    • Viamo.sk
    • Getnetworker.com
    • Pixelcut.com
    • Relbit.com
    • Culcharge.com
    • Vestigen.com
    • Foodlogic.eu
    • Baranidesign.eu
    • GetGoldee.com

Czech incubators

  • StartupYard
  • TechSquare
  • Node5
  • CzechAccelerator Boston
  • Starcube Brno
  • InnovaJet (Czech Technical University – CVUT)
  • Wayra

I am certain there is a huge amount of brewing potential in some of these companies, definitely ready to get their $100 – 500k funding rounds to accelerate.

If you have suggestions, Tweet over to @janrezab, comment on the Facebook update, or mail me, I will add it to the list over time.

I will do my best to try and keep this list UPDATED.

One thing I hope is this list will not spark conversation who is or  isn’t on this list, yes its a selection. I was very careful to make sure to add all small regional Socialbakers competitors to avoid all doubts of my bias. I am open to suggestions, changes, and additions!

Still think for instance Berlin can compare? :-) Good luck Berlin. All the gaming companies in Berlin are not as good as ours :)

Thanks to a bunch of people help put together the list.


  1. End 2013 – Added list of Czech incubators
  2. Jan 2014 – Added list of Slovakian startups
  3. Jan 2014 – Updated list of Czech startups
  4. May 2014 – Added some updates, moved some companies up  in the top tier list – Madfinger Games, Futurelytics, CDN77, and Damejidlo.cz
  5. May 2014 – Moved Click2Stream and Brand Embassy into the “up and coming” category, practically immediate SaaS candidates to jump leap in the next 12 months.
  6. October 2014 – Major update, reflected a longer list I received, moved up to create a $25+M category (please let me know if you think its accurate and if anyone should move up or down.

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