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List of international technology companies that develop in Czech Republic

Published: September 22, 2013

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With one of the most popular articles I wrote so far yet, the “List of top Czech technology companies and start-ups“, we are coming to chapter #2 of this, which is to the point I was trying to make. Czech actually has a ton to offer, and I believe with the right amount of capital and focus, the resources on the market could be utilized and grown. We have got just so many great technical universities, and a huge amount of high quality developers for a reasonable price. Now don’t convince that with cheap, the economy is clearly different: Its a lot more expensive than in India, but a lot cheaper than in Silicon Valley. Thats the reality of things, and thats where the economy has it. When I say we (Czech Republic) have cost-effective resources, I don’t mean it with any disrespect to the Czech developers, I think its the reality of things, economy, price of labor, and also costs around you. I actually bet a Silicon Valley developer actually has so much more costs in other areas, that economically even the more cost effective Czech developer actually has a higher purchasing power, as the housing costs in Czech are quite good.

But to the point, I have decided to make a list of the top global technology companies that outsource or develop in Prague. This time I divided into 2 groups. As usual, contact me if you have any issue or want to add other companies. I am sure I have missed a few.

If you for example look at Red Hat, who develops entirely in Czech Republic, to DHL, which has a huge technological development center in Prague, and many other companies – you will realize the potential.

Over 500 people:

  • Red Hat (Runs all of their development from Prague)
  • DHL (Quite a few engineers – 1000+ in Prague)
  • Logica
  • Ness Technologies (Outsourcing), bought Logos
  • Accenture Services
  • Oracle
  • CA Technologies
  • Tieto (2000+ people)
  • Update: Amazon (is just putting a key logistics area, I assume it will have technology support with 10,000 people)

Less than 500 people (in engineering locally in CZ):

  • T-Systems
  • SAP
  • IBM
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Skype (Smaller development team – 100 – 200 people)
  • Barcalays Capital Services
  • Microsoft
  • Concur
  • Disney Mobile Games
  • Take 2 Interactive (2K Czech)
  • Autodesk
  • eBay (Smaller team)
  • Honeywell
  • Netsuite
  • FNZ

By the basic count, only in the global company, its a brewing economy of about 10 – 15 000 engineers. And that is only today, and only this set of companies.

FYI: The Czech Statistical Authority has done a count on the amount of people in the ICT sector, and estimates it at 140 000, almost 3% of the economy, which is above the EU average, and actually is in the TOP5 of the European countries. These stats are for 2011, wonder what they will have cooking for 2012 and 2013.

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