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John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, the smartest humor on the planet

Published: July 29, 2014

I don’t remember calling anything yet the smartest X, so if you haven’t seen John Oliver’s new show Last Week Tonight, you are missing out big time. Its the best combination of information, data, and hard facts mixed to expose the worlds big topics in a lovely new format.

Inspired by last weeks top events, John Oliver doesn’t seem to stop at any controversial topic. Having covered topics such as Nuclear Weapons, the Death Penalty, and even things like FIFA, CIA on Twitter, and others.

Here are a few clips that you just have to watch:

Wealth Gap

Nuclear Weapons

Net Neutrality


And many others you can find on his YouTube channel.
Note to John Oliver and folks at HBO: Keep going with this guys, its amazing!

P.S.: Please make it so I can purchase your full show from Europe on Apple or wherever.

Second note to John Oliver: Please tweet more.

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