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How to for Prague / Tour guide from Czech person

Published: July 29, 2014

This is the “short on Prague”. Small guide on places, tours, restaurants, and recommendations that friends have asked me to share.

Don’t miss (you cannot leave Prague without seeing the top 3):

  • Charles Bridge – a true icon
  • Prague Castle incl. the church visit (must-see, thats the thing to see)
  • Old Town Square and walk the surroundings
  • Wenceslas Square – and the most favorite locals meeting point “by the horse”
  • National Museum
  • Zizkov TV Tower


Note: Don’t forget ENGAGE 2015 (April 2015) will be in Prague.

My favorite Restaurants (most need a reservation maybe except Lokal):

  • SaSaZu (Asian Fusion) – awesome trendy place, very international feel. Very good place.
  • Čestr (Czech steak)
  • Lokál – chain (Czech food)
  • Cafe Savoy (European mix, incl. Czech) – very lovely place
  • Bistro La Bottega
  • Hergetova Cihelna
  • Aromi

Cool bars and look-outs

  • Oblaca in Tower Prague (even though this is
  • Cloud9 in Hilton – Beautiful view of Prague, great cocktails
  • 360 bar in Fusion Hotel –
  • Cross Club (underground for the brave, a bit of a design thing, a bit outside the center)
  • Bar and Books Manesova – the only thing I dont like is the cigar smoke
  • Hotel Aria – great view of castle roof top

I will add to this list over time.



  • Airport – Prague airport is one of the fastest / easiest airports in the world. To get through it will be amazingly simple. Gate close always 15 mins prior (careful for small planes, they close sometimes 20 mins), Boarding always 25 mins, boarding process is fast. Always take a cab from the airport. Taxi should cost 450 – 650 CZK depending on where you are going (plus minus wait time in traffic).
  • Currency – 1 USD is about 24 CZK, 1 EUR is about 27,50 (always Google USD to CZK)
  • Credit cards – not accepted everywhere, its good to have 2000 – 3000 CZK on you for smaller spends
  • Tipping – 5 – 10% in restaurants, no tips in bars, no tips on “behind the counter” usual, no tips to taxis (but be nice)
  • Traffic – Prague gets a decent amount of traffic in the week. Traffic slows after 7 pm and is light before 7:15 – 7:30 am. Weekends no problem unless there is an event.
  • Subway – Prague has a great subway and train system. I feel safer in it than in subways in cities like NYC or LA (dont use subway after 10 pm in LA! – no problem in PRG). They run very steadily, almost all the time.

Czech warnings:

  • Taxis – some taxis in Prague, the unmarked ones on stands in touristy places will cheat you. This is a case only of those stands and street taxis. They are not dangerous in any way, they’ll just rip you off (but you will end up paying less than most countries, might not even notice it) Recommendation: Call taxis, if you are near a hotel, their conciarge will always assist you – they understand and know about it
    • CZ taxis have super sophisticated systems. If you call them they will be at your place in 5 – 15 minutes, 24 hours per day.
    • Authorized companies: Modry Andel (have Uber like app), Speedcars (have Uber like app), Tick Tack (all nice white Audis), Sedop (ask for better cars), AAA Auto, and others.
    • Airport taxis are OK, there are only specific taxis that are authorized there

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