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Hottest social media topics for CEOs and CMOs

Published: June 18, 2014

Social media is a hot topic for the top management of every company, but the biggest problem is identifying top opportunities to focus on. I recently spoke at the Corporate Social Media Summit in NYC and, listening to other speakers, it was interesting to hear their views, and to couple it with my current beliefs on social media.

The 3 key topics were:

1) Internal Social Media – How do I use social to get it into every part of the organization

Using social media internally, cases included things like: Using social media to better detect employee engagement (and disengagement), deploying internal social networks (like Podio, Yammer, Chatter, IBM Connections, and others) to boost employee collaboration and engagement, and embed social at the heart of the organizations. It also means having social at the heart of doing things right in the middle – not using it only for marketing, but using it for PR, internal marketing, HR, Sales, and of course having your leadership involved in social media (Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia is a great example; Richard Branson another obvious one).

The best companies have internal social networks fully deployed into their company and are using data at the heart of all social operations.

2) Customer Relations – How do I build relationship with my customers, influencers, and help change the business?

Customer care is a huge topic for leadership. It can have both great downside (everything is public) and huge upside (creating loyal users, ambassadors, etc.). Clearly, everyone wanted to learn more about how to do this effectively. Different companies try – and do – social customer care in different ways, but it’s clear today that social customer care is a must, and users will find a way to reach you even if you close your wall on Facebook. Hiding is not a solution – openness, transparency, and speed is the way to go forward.

Another way is to make sure you take the value from this feedback and try to organize it into groups and fix any fundamental business issues you might have.

Best companies: Companies like KLM that have 150+ people in social care, do it 24/7 in 11 different languages – it’s the only way to go.

3) Social Marketing – How do I utilize social as a marketing channel? 

Social media today is primarily used as a marketing channel. We can all cry about the fact that things aren’t like they were in the early stages of social media, or wake up and know to consider it a real business opportunity.

Other top take-aways from the topics presented

  1. Integrate social into every dept. of your organization
  2. Use internal social networks to enhance collaboration & communication
  3. Social customer care is a must
  4. Fast social response builds brand advocates
  5. Engagement/Reach directly correlates with brand loyalty & awareness
  6. Integrating customer feedback is a must-have in a social strategy
  7. Content is (still) king
  8. Invest in brand ambassadors
  9. Get into the feed by any means necessary
  10. Data driven businesses perform better

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