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Future of Calendars – Google, Apple, and Microsoft – Please connect

Published: June 16, 2014

Tags: efficiency

Time, hours, days, weeks – time represents a key dimension in our lives, and I am extremely passionate about planning it right. My average week looks something like this (see screenshot below), and when it looks like it, I am probably a key power-user of the calendar in general. A calendar is at the center of our lives, yet for the last decade (possibly 2), the calendars are all the same. If only Microsoft, Apple, and Google, who ultimately own this space, came together and worked on a new standard, it would be my dream come true. Many of these are basic things.

So what features are missing in todays calendars, and a suggestions for this “standards” meeting at Apple, Google, and Microsoft?

1) Integrations in general –  with apps / notes / better URL integration, cross-application links

2) Contact links (several) included straight in the calendar note – I can’t believe this is not possible today, you have to copy paste the phone numbers inside the calendar link. Small one, but helpful.

2) Perfect mapping – not only mapping the location. A location can be a phone number (click to call), but also a location can be a Map (+ delivers map) + a special field on instructions (or a possibility to add a comment that does not “map” on the map). Often a meeting is at an address + telephone, so that is also the “Location”, or a certain app with login credentials (that shared calendars can or cannot see depending on settings).

3) Reminders – perfectly linked with reminders and meeting notes that are immediately sharable.

4) Type of meeting with separate actions
– Call (+ who is calling who or if its a dial-in) – your phone would ask 30 seconds before – Dial number, automatically dialing the designated extension or entering the code
– Online Video Call – your phone would alert you, depending on the app, and would click to the app and dial the “extension” and simply activate the meeting
– Personal meeting – with address and specific actions (building actions, who to contact, how to get through the front-desk, estimates from other people that have had meetings in that destination on that floor on how fast the security process can take)
– Movement (From / To / By [Car, Train, Foot]) – Google could dynamically alert you

These would be differently marked possibly by different icons.

5) Categorization – Types of reminders, and I don’t mean just personal or closed, I mean literally a category that you would put things in.

6) Letting them know you are late – by phone GPS, if its a personal meeting, your phone could ask you 15 minutes before the meeting if it should alert the person that you are late, where you are, and how fast you are getting there, or the option to cancel or move the meeting to later.

Guys, get together and figure this out, please!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 23.01.29

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