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All social media advertising are going to be content-driven promoted posts

Published: September 2, 2013


Facebook launched promoted posts, Twitter launching promoted tweets, Linkedin now launched them too – you too have seen these announcements in the last year. But what is more interesting is how promoted posts are important. Read between the lines for example of the Facebook quarterly fillings: 40% of all advertising on Facebook is now mobile. Wow, thats a great number, and most of the media out there only covered this fact. But what about the fact that all newsfeed advertising is either app installs (content) or promoted posts (again, content advertising).  So this means all of the 40%, and at least 40% of all Facebook advertising is now promoted posts / promoted content, and of course there is going to be some share of this online, so we can assume a majority of Facebook advertising is already in the newsfeed! Wow, thats something. And with the push of Twitter and LinkedIn in this area, we can expect more.

When you send content on Facebook pages or other, naturally you assume that you will get some reach organically to your fans without having to pay. And clearly thats the case, you do get some of that – of course, not a lot. For some of the brands we work with, paid is such an important element that it now is even over 50% of all of the reach that their posts will generate. This is a big shift, of course you can continue to expect some level of organic reach, but with a majority of players paying for reach, its important you do so to. Should we blame Facebook that its now becoming a paid media? No, they are allowing you to help amplify the messages that you want to focus on much better, and thats a great option.

The unpublished posts – unlimited post ads on Facebook

Newsfeed ads were not practical for example for the large segments like eCommerce, that needed to press a lot of the items from the shop and deliver them through posts. But today, you can launched “unpublished posts” (or also heard them called ghost posts), which are posts that are not physically on your page but do appear in your feed and have only paid reach and paid engagement. This way you can launch 100 posts per day, but to specific target audiences. Maybe you want to offer something different to men and women on your page, or to a different demographic – this is much easier with unpublished posts, and of course, you have an infinite combination and possibilities to target using the right target audience and using custom audiences (the ability to import specific opt-in audiences and target them with specific ads).

I get it, now what? 

If you read up to here and now believe that a majority of social advertising will be newsfeed – then you have to reflect on what that means for your business. Do you outsource all your posts to a media agency, and give them a call every time you need to publish a post (e.g. several times a day), or will you work with the people that publish the posts, regardless if its internal or external and add the promoting process in there? This is of course up to you to reflect on this, but a majority of ads on social even for you are going to be newsfeed, so you have to think about how to work that in your business.

Socialbakers in a few weeks will launch an exclusive interface how to measure, optimize, and manage promoted posts, boosting, and advertising. I hope you will like it, and I will send more about it soon.

UPDATE: On a bigger set of advertisers, we aggregated the share of newsfeeds ads vs. Market place ads, here is a really cool finding on the fact that they already are.
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