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5 key reasons why Facebook hashtags are a brilliant move against Twitter

Published: June 17, 2013


Facebook has launched hashtags, and thats something that was perhaps not very expected of them before they announced it. The brilliant part of that of course is that it piggybacks on top of Twitter and its “hashtags everywhere” thing. You can’t patent the “#” number sign (thank God!), so we can expect Facebook to use them in any way they want. If I were Twitter, it would obviously make me furious.

Here are the reasons why its so brilliant?

  • Advertisers already using it! 48% of all super bowl ads used hashtags, perfect piggybacking
  • It will allow companies to create cross-platform solutions and measurement – say if you had a Twitter competition, now you can do a Twitter & Facebook hashtag competition, no difference!
  • It will allow Facebook to penetrate markets with hashtags were Twitter is not even scaled properly, this is quite brutal for Twitter, as people might think Twitter is copying it as they will already use it on Facebook for a while before they even sign up for Twitter.
  • Twitter has gotten itself into real-time monitoring of TV ads, and its piggybacking on top of the TV Ads market, Facebook can easily do this, and do it even better
  • It allows to put better structure to Facebook and allow better¬†search-ability¬†of things

What are the necessary steps for Facebook to succeed with hashtags?

  • Promote the awareness that Facebook supports hashtags
  • Make sure you have an API – allowing the developer community to tap into hashtags, trending topics, etc. – this is something critical for the success of the service
  • Promoting developers to make applications on top of the API

Really, I see this as a brilliant move from Facebook, of course, I hope its not another short-lived project like Facebook Poke (coming from a person who thinks agile innovation is the key to success), but is something Facebook is devoted to following through and finishing. That would start with an API, so first, companies will be able to start doing campaigns for both.


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