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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Most social ads already content-driven promoted posts & some social ad advice

Published: November 14, 2013

When we looked at the analysis back in September, I said that all social ads would be only content-driven promoted posts, which many including Business Insider have quoted several times. But since then things have shifted even faster then you might have expected – Facebook announced its quarterly results, and as part of the quarterly results it announced that 50% of all social advertising is already mobile. Thats a big jump from last time! It also means that at least 50% of social advertising is newsfeed ads, as there is no other advertising on Facebook mobile. Lets assume that another 25 – 30% of the other ads in the newsfeed – based on most of our stats, this is the reality.

So this clearly shows you that a majority of social ads are already content driven promoted posts!

Many companies are still not coping with the demand of social media advertising in the newsfeed, still approach it as “placing ads on Facebook”, and a majority of companies for example just use basic targeting of Facebook, which is very ineffective. Majority of the companies also create only 1 targeting option for the newsfeed ads, which is a horrible waste of money. The best companies in the business do quite a lot of multi-variant advertising…

The future of social advertising is newsfeed advertising. Regardless if you are talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or even YouTube (once they get more “feed” traffic).

Every good social ads manager should do the following:

  • Every good post has to get promoted (if at least a little)
  • Focus on the winning posts, if they are truly great, increase the advertising
  • Use multi-variant targeting
  • Try and fail targeting to communities that really work for you

And some of the biggest mistake companies still do:

  • Don’t let yourself down in advertising to the cheapest audience. The right audience probably won’t be the cheapest one!
  • Never target more post to the same targeting audiences
  • Do not advertise only to native formats on the right hand side. In fact, don’t advertise their at all, keep it all in the newsfeed
  • Many companies still only use native boosting functionalities, please don’t

Good luck in your targeting efforts and finding your right target audience. If you want a super productive optimization/management tool to do that, certainly try our Ad Analytics and let me know how you like it!

The Worlds Best in Tech Always Meet at F.ounders in Dublin

Published: November 3, 2013

As the founder and CEO of a tech. company, I devote spending a part of my time at events. Typically there would be clients and prospects (marketers)… F.ounders is different (F dot ounders), its one of the exception that I love attending.

F.ounders is one of the world biggest gathering of founders, investors, media, and people in technology. Its an exclusive invite-only gathering with the top 200 people in the world. Here you meet the founders of Tesla, Skype, Zendesk, VICE, and also people like Scott Harrison from charity:water. The set-up is clear – investors are getting updates on these companies, perhaps looking around at new one to invest, and the founders love to network with each other.

In places like Dublin Web Summit or other events, a lot of what you hear is pitching… One after another, small companies to each other, pitching at lunch, at the corner, standing in line. F.ounders is a much more intimate gathering, where its more about sharing experience, making new connections and friends, as Paddy Cosgrave (The founder of F.ounders) said last night: “The people that you meet here are also Founders, they are going through the same things, they share your pains. Meet them and make new connections with them, invite them to your home, build strong relations.”

As you can imagine, F.ounders is a combination of work and pleasure, its the place to do networking, and learn from others. I divide the event in 3 main parts: sessions, networking, and evening activities (typically dinner & after party). As a nice-to-have benefit, you also get to meet people like Bono, Tony Hawk, Elon Musk (missed him this time…), and others.

After a full day of networking, dinner, and an afterparty, you are going to bed full of ideas and are recovering for the next day.

Many of the founders arrived in Dublin days before F.ounders (Thursday night – Friday) to join the Dublin Web Summit, which was a huge event with like 10,000 people this year. I flew in on Tuesday night as I presented on Wednesday (about social care). The organizers can really benefit from the combination of the two events – they can get great speakers for Dublin Web Summit and invite everyone for F.ounders.

For me, the highlight were fireside chats of Shane Smith from VICE, who talked about how they do things (which is very differently to how everyone else does it), and Tony Hawk, who said among other things that the biggest break he made was from the games franchise with Activision. Meeting Tony Hawk later, I learned that Tony also tests his games alone and the current mobile game on the App Store happened that a fan ported it and Activision later bought it.

— Jan Rezab (@janrezab) November 1, 2013

I am grateful to the team for inviting me 3 years in a row – I would say that 3 years back. To be completely honest, 3 years ago, I don’t think I really belonged to this group. When I came in, I felt tiny among the world giants. And of course every company either grows and you stand up for that position, or you start over.

And so its done… F.ounders on Friday & Saturday, and a few long days of Dublin Web Summit, being up till 1 am every day (and 6 am one of the days), its now time to get back to the family, play with the kids, and full of energy and new ideas, all get back to our companies in the morning.

See you all next year!

P.S.: Yes, there was also Geoffrey from Game of Thrones, and no, nobody cut his head off as many suggested on Twitter. :)

We also got to ride (not drive unfortunately) these beautiful vintage cars.