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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Why should everyone do their own World Tour? Read our experience half way through

Published: February 25, 2013

Crazy, insane, mad. Those are things we were called for doing 10 events, 50 000 miles in a 18 day period (except New York, starting event). We are half way through, tonight there is an event in Mexico City, and I feel good about it!

There was one moment in between Paris and London where I got a sick and I thought: “This is over, I’m going home”. But life has taught me never to give up, and I haven’t. I slept well, didn’t do late nights, ate well – and I got a lot better.

World Tour is about coming to our customers and prospects, social media guru and local partners – meeting them, showing them some unique data points, and being able to interact with them. There is an amazing set of experiences we have to share – this will be a big summary we will publish on Socialbakers right after the tour.

What I can tell you now mid-way, its a crazy thing to do, but every company should do one:

  • We have more local insights into our customers than I had in a while!
  • We have more product feedback collected in 2 weeks than in the last 6 months
  • We see how local customers use our products – and some use-cases surprise us, and make us happy and proud of our customers, that they are innovating their own process of social media

Socialbakers is a very specific global company. Our global revenue distribution is massive. We split the world into 12 regions, and the difference of the smallest and biggest one revenue wise  is like 2x. Everywhere in the world, we have customers.

After this, see you all at ENGAGE 2013! Set in London on April 23rd, its going to be an awesome event!

P.S.: One thing is for sure, I really miss my family and kids.

Amazing Tech Gadgets I want and will certainly use

Published: February 25, 2013

There are many amazing things in technology I am looking forward to geting my hands on, there are a few of them here in this article.

1) Self-driving cars

Everyone has seen self-driving cars – they are here to come. A major time and also life-saver once they are really integrated. I very much look forward to just sitting in my car and telling it where to take me.

2) Much better voice control

Siri is just the beginning – I want to have a real not a dumb conversation with my phone or computer. I just want to really tell them what I want them to do, be able to interrupt them if they are just doing something wrong, not having to push 30 buttons. Apple has started this, but I feel Siri is in V0.2, but where is my final version?

3) My personal sound device

I love my BOSE headsets – they are a great travel item. But… They are huge, you really can’t hear anyone. I hate earplugs, when you put them in, you can’t really talk to people, and even though I love my jambox, its robust and emits sound for everyone. I am looking for a personal sound device, that will send voice into my ears and only my ears (if I choose thats what I want) from my pocket or somewhere on me. I want to be able to have a phonecall without having to have something in my ear or raising up my phone. In the end, it would be best if my phone could have this functionality. See this video from Woody Norris here, who has gone to the dark side to weaponize this technology, but hasn’t built it for consumers.

4) Google Glass

Oh yeah, its clear, I want my augmented reality reality. I want to be able to look at something and get intelligence about it. I want something to notify me in front of my eyes that I have a call. I want this system to be very, very modular and customizable.

5) New interface to manage computers and phones

Oh yeah, even though I type on a keyboard like a crazy guy (wrote this article in a few minutes), I really want something that will help the user interface, something that can integrate better. Google Glass meets new interface meets better sound. This will all create a generally better, and more connected experience.

6) 3D printing many things, including clothes

I only like shopping when there is someone that turns it into an experience. In the other 90% of the times, its a utility. But why do we have to wear the same shoes and same t-shirt? Why do our things from same materials rust and get old? Why not just print new ones? Thats what I would love to do! And its not far!

7) Personal Robot

I am a huge fan of robotics, I think its the next big thing that will create its own little revolution, and of course, I want one.

To summarize, interesting fact: 2 of the major inventions are being produced by (among many others), also Google. If Google would actually manage to cut through in those areas, then its a fantastic thing. Many of these inventions are on the way, being created. Many of them are already there being crowd-sourced heavily. I think we are living in the next 25 most exciting years of really now scaling technology to help us support our lives and make them better and easier. It will be fun!

5 ways Macys could deal with Dump Trump issue

Published: February 24, 2013

This is something that I wanted to write about myself. The “Dump trump” issue of Macy’s is not that much of a new thing, but recently it was brought up by our alerting system on the Macy’s Facebook page which on Friday was flooded by thousands of posts.

To shorten it for you: Donald Trump started working with Macy’s as their spokesperson and helping them on this front. Users backlashed, creating petitions, etc. – so far, that didn’t seem to move Macy’s in any decision. Donald Trump already threatened to sue Angelo Carusone (@goangelo), and then took it back (!), but took it back last week after outrage of users.

So here are my 5 recommended ways Macy’s could and should deal with the “Dump Trump” issue, most actually including dumping Trump:

    • “Dump” him out of a helicopter – Not literally, but with a parachute, have a person in a Macy’s shirt “dump” him out, and he would fall with a parachute. Macy’s wins, Donald Trump shows his bright side! Win Win.
    • Harlem Shake Trump – Donald Trump masks up as a horse and does the Harlem Shake in a Macy’s store – that would change the conversation. Macy’s wins, Donald Trump doesn’t even quit + still shows bright side! Win Win
    • Invite Angelo Carusone for a debate – This is a risky move, but inviting him to become an advocate and debate this might help. He will surely take it – it actually seems he cares for Macy’s. I could picture this: Macy’s CEO invites him for a coffee, and Donald Trump drops by, talks to him, and they ask him what he would do in this case. Triple win, and advocate turn rogue is back an advocate.
    • More dumping Trump – Create a social media series about Macy’s dumping trump, slowly changing and evolving the word “dumping” to something more positive, connecting it with the shopping experience, create lots of memes, Vines and videos on the topic. Also calling an internal marketing debate.
    • Call on a press briefing to clarify, start responding openly about this, start being transparent – I think this should happen in all cases. Not many people might show to the press briefing – but it will show Macy’s cares. Also briefing should be hold under an innovation – on a Google+ hangout taking questions from online too, possibly hosting Angelo for that feedback.

  • Bonus: Create video on CEO of Macy’s debating it with Donald Trump on how they will solve it. Could be formatted many ways as funny call where both are like: How are we going to solve it?

Last scenario is, Macy’s tries not to do anything. Which is the bad example. Situation like these when eyes are on a brand are just horrible if they are unused. In all cases, they can get out of this stronger than they came in, except if they do nothing…

And one small note: Macy’s only seems to reply via personal accounts of profiles like: Kelly Sim, which I am wondering if they are real employees and their real Facebook profiles and they really did just change their profile picture. Will ask Facebook. But they didn’t yet address the Dump Trump comments.

Update: Received a nice reaction from Angelo Carusone @GoAngelo on Twitter: