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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Why should everyone do their own World Tour? Read our experience half way through

Published: February 25, 2013

Crazy, insane, mad. Those are things we were called for doing 10 events, 50 000 miles in a 18 day period (except New York, starting event). We are half way through, tonight there is an event in Mexico City, and I feel good about it!

There was one moment in between Paris and London where I got a sick and I thought: “This is over, I’m going home”. But life has taught me never to give up, and I haven’t. I slept well, didn’t do late nights, ate well – and I got a lot better.

World Tour is about coming to our customers and prospects, social media guru and local partners – meeting them, showing them some unique data points, and being able to interact with them. There is an amazing set of experiences we have to share – this will be a big summary we will publish on Socialbakers right after the tour.

What I can tell you now mid-way, its a crazy thing to do, but every company should do one:

  • We have more local insights into our customers than I had in a while!
  • We have more product feedback collected in 2 weeks than in the last 6 months
  • We see how local customers use our products – and some use-cases surprise us, and make us happy and proud of our customers, that they are innovating their own process of social media

Socialbakers is a very specific global company. Our global revenue distribution is massive. We split the world into 12 regions, and the difference of the smallest and biggest one revenue wise  is like 2x. Everywhere in the world, we have customers.

After this, see you all at ENGAGE 2013! Set in London on April 23rd, its going to be an awesome event!

P.S.: One thing is for sure, I really miss my family and kids.